Tucked on the northern continent of Mnemosyne, the small country of Dunrowe sits, a port nation that sits as the only English speaking nation on the planet Kepler.
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 A New Life at Home

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PostSubject: A New Life at Home   Sun Mar 05, 2017 2:49 am

Aleksandr huffed as he slid the orange postage envelope from his jacket, winding his way deeper into the mine.  He'd been this way millions of times.  After about another 100 yards of walking, he slowly peeled the top off of the envelope with his index finger, reaching in and grabbing the smaller of two items, it being a bracelet, black with blue accents and a set of eight lights across the top which lay dormant for that moment.  Aleks nodded his head at the rather small bracelet sitting in his large hand, he flipped it around, looking for an on button and seeing none.  He stood there, dumbfounded for a second before he shrugged and brought it onto his wrist.  As soon as he secured the band around his wrist, the lights turned on one by one and the blue accents on the black band glowed a dim blue.  The glow of the band turned Aleks' face a bright blue as he stared at it for a moment in the virtual darkness of the mine.  He ground his teeth at how obvious this would make him to his enemies but he shook his head and reached into the envelope for his second object.

In his hand stood a, for the moment, benevolent object.  It had a pistol grip that seemed sized for his large hands and a rather short barrel which looked rather comical compared to the length of the grip.  The design was sleek and streamlined, with a rather rounded barrel and shape to the "receiver".  Aleks brought his thumb up to a small switch that was on both sides of the rear of the weapon, just above the grip.  He flicked it downwards towards the ground and suddenly lines of blue lit up in a spiraling pattern along the length of the rather short and stubby barrel.  Aleks raised the weapon to one of the walls, one he was familiar with during his training for the local lacrosse team, he shuddered at the thought of the pick drills.  He wasn't too familiar with plasma weapons of the sort he was holding but it seemed simple enough, like an old gun his father used to keep as some type of momento.  Just point the hole towards where you want to shoot.  Aleks' eyes looked down the rudimentary sight at the front of the weapon and he popped off one shot into the wall, leaving a clean almost exactly 2 centimeter wide hole in the rock face.  He was surprised at the lack of recoil and shrugged as he flicked the 'safety' back up and weighed the weapon in his left hand and looked to the wristband on his right examining exactly what this 'lottery' got him into...
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A New Life at Home
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