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 Ink Souls (Ink's Charries)

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PostSubject: Ink Souls (Ink's Charries)   Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:06 pm

Alive Characters:
Diane Nozomi

Dead Characters:

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[b]Theme Song:[/b]



[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Glasses or contact lenses?:[/b]
[b]Skin color:[/b]
[b]Shape of Face:[/b]
[b]Distinguishing features:[/b]
[b]How does he/she dress?:[/b]




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[size=16][u][b]IC History:[/b][/u][/size]

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PostSubject: Re: Ink Souls (Ink's Charries)   Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:12 pm


Name: Diane Nozomi
Age: 14 Years
Birthday: August 5
Gender: Female
District: Rainmerrow
Party: Weaver
Theme Song:

~Slot 1: LR-4 Standard


Height: 162 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Build: Athletic
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Color: Really dark brown, often just labeled as “Black”
Glasses or contact lenses?: Nope
Skin color: Warm Beige
Shape of Face: Oval
Distinguishing features: She has some scars on her arms, legs and a couple on her sides. All caused by several mess-ups that she did while she was learning parkour.
How does he/she dress?: She tends to use cargo pants and short sleeved shirts covered by hoodies. She tends to favor camouflage patterns, whites, blacks, greys or greens. She has duct tape wrapped around her arms, legs and chest as a way to improve the aerodynamics of her body during her practices. She has three hoodies with cat-like ears, one black, one white and a green one, the last one being her favorite and the one she wears the most. She dislikes the use of shoes, as those avoid her from feeling the terrain in which she’s moving and consequently to react properly to it, though if she really needs to she will only use shoes with good grip and that allow her to move freely, such as hiker boots.
Disabilities: N/A


Friends: None Yet
Enemies: None Yet
Rivals: None Yet
Others: None Yet


Diane is quite an active girl, nobody being able to hold her still for longer than a minute or two at all. Since she was really young she has liked parkour quite a lot and never gave up on it regardless of the many scars it caused to her during the first few years, turning her from a fairly clumsy girl to actually really agile and fast, with the ability to think fast and evaluate herself and the environment she’s moving on through her senses, to the point of being able to take crucial decisions or calculate the exact distance, momentum and strength she needs to clear a gap between two structures in a split second.

Unluckily this also made her be quite impatient and hindered her ability to think of the future. She lives in the present only and does it at its fullest. Her constant challenges to death thanks to her activities and her tendency to not think of the future makes her seem quite fearless, as she simply doesn’t cares for consequences until they arrive. She however isn’t stupid, and knows when something is too much for her to handle or when to retreat…or at least she does most of the time. Don’t take me wrong, she doesn’t wants to die and would rather avoid death than just walk towards it, but she thinks that if she has to die in any way that isn’t old age, she wouldn’t really mind if it was doing what she loves the most.

She loves her district, and once she became skilled enough she loved it even more, as the overlapped structure of is allows her to make all kind of tricks and stunts when bored, as well to train constantly and deal with all kind of difficulties in the process. It isn’t uncommon for her to get in trouble though, as she is prone to “accidentally” trespass into private property. Surprisingly enough she’s quite modest regarding her abilities and agility. After all, who can’t climb a four story tall building with their bare hands without breaking a sweat? Also don’t expect to see her making backflips, barrel rolls or other stunts all the time, as she isn’t a show off parkour performer and only does the movements required to achieve her goals most of the time, only using these impressive tricks when she really needs to or when fooling around with her friends.

Her curiosity is a huge part of her overall personality. If there is anything she doesn’t understands or something catches her eye, she won’t stop at nothing until her curiosity towards it is satisfied, even if this means having to wander into dangerous places or even challenge the authority. This is tightly linked to the fact that she has some trouble to follow instructions most of the time…she simply can’t seem to be able to keep up with a boring guy’s ramble for too long…

She’s quite friendly to those around her, and the fact she may need to kill someday sincerely worries her, especially since she doesn’t feels like she would be able to do it. She tends to give the benefit of the doubt to those that may had walked the wrong path at some point, thinking that anyone can be a good person if they just try.

She is also more nocturnal than diurnal, and definitely not a morning person at all, to the point where during the night she can perform stunts just as dangerous as during the day, not really needing to use her eyes at all to know where she’s going thanks to her sharpened senses. That and the fact she knows her district like the palm of her hand also helps a lot. She is able to keep herself hidden between the shadows without trouble and most often than not she can easily outrun any chaser that could be trying to catch her.

Though she’s not exactly bad at teamwork, and can even be quite an MVP if she puts her mind into it, she’s more used to be alone. This is easily noticeable when she tries to rush forward any group she’s in even if not advisable or goes against the plan somehow, pulling a whole new plan of her own out from her sleeve…even if it can hinder the original plan somehow. This is why she must be kept under strict watch at all times and the leader of the team must not loosen the leash too much with her. Unluckily enough, she’s simply awful as a leader.


Diane’s story starts quite in a regular setting. Regular family, regular friend, a house in the middle levels of Rainmerrow’s Kerroway Heights. That was, of course, until a friend of hers introduced her to parkour.

At first nervous and unsure of her abilities, she fell more often than anything else, causing her to return home with several scratches and bruises every night. However, she found out she liked the adrenaline filled activity more than she could ever expect to, and consequently never gave up on it. Actually all the other way around, as each failure meant a new learning for her and an improvement she had to work on.

When she started to work past the basics the injuries went from simple scratches to actual cuts, and bruises to broken or dislocated bones. These years left their mark on her on the form of not exactly few scratches on her arms, legs and even a couple on her sides and one on her back, as well as several medical records about each time she had to be taken there because she broke yet another one of her bones (She learned to put dislocated ones back on place and treat her wounds temporarily with help of her friends during these years as well).

At first clumsy and slow, she became one of the most agile and fast of the group she and her friends like to refer as “The pack”. And though some of them moved on to other things as they grew up for whatever reason, she kept practicing to the point where she started to actually perform what could only be considered fairly deadly jumps between rooftops at the very top of Kerroway Heights, where one simply error could easily take away her life, earning her reputation of fearless between her friends. She, however, was of the few of The Pack that stayed and also decided to stay between the shadows, completely anonymous to the world surrounding them instead of earning fame through their daredevil stunts.

She was sincerely surprised when she received the letter about her new job as a Street Cleaner, and after finding out the truth and the new things she was supposed to do she started to feel fairly worried about what could be in store for her. Not wanting to see anyone she loved hurt or get killed she decided to tag along, though she was far from happy with said choice.

IC History:

None Yet
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Ink Souls (Ink's Charries)
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