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 Our Battle System and How to Capture Checkpoints

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PostSubject: Our Battle System and How to Capture Checkpoints   Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:45 am


On Victoria, battles are 90% roleplay. Standoffs and firefights are completely done with words and honor system. If your character is hit, it is because you personally willed it such, not because a user rolled a number and multiplied it by 4.

However, if a party is leading a charge on a checkpoint, this charge requires a leader. The leader has to be the first person to post at the beginning of each charge, and must disclose all the characters within their party participating in a charge. When ten posts pass in this battle, from both sides combined, this leader has to roll a die.

If they roll an even number, the offensive charge advances. If they roll an odd number, they fall back.

So let's say each charge starts at Point A. If ten posts pass and the number 2 is rolled, the charge advances to Point B. They push the defending party back. If ten posts pass and the number 3 is rolled, however, then they are pushed back and forced to flee. If at this Point A your leader rolls an odd number, then the defending party has successfully pushed the offensive party back all the way, and the offensive party loses.

This creates a system of battles that can go from 10 posts to 100. Though, all battles have a 100 post limit. Furthermore, if the offensive party gets impatient and says 'fuck it,' they can cancel the charge at any time.

So how many points are there in a charge? Well, it depends on the number of people charging. If more people are led into the offensive, there are less points, because their sheer numbers will obviously gain some ground. Below are the amount of points an offensive party needs to push forward to in order to win over a checkpoint:

Less than 4 people: 5 points, A to E
4-8 people: 4 points, A to D
Over 8 people: 3 points, A to C

So if your leader rolls at the final point and rolls an even number, then congratulations, your party takes the checkpoint and the district is theirs!

Anyone in the defending party is free to post in a thread attacking their checkpoint. There is no limit to defenders.

Three or four way battles are allowed. However, the amount of necessary points required ups by one in 3-way battles, and two
in 4-way battles. So a party of three will need to conquer 7 points to win a checkpoint if all four parties are in the battle.

Furthermore, in three or four way battles, if a party conquers a checkpoint, they must then defend from the other parties in the battle. The previous-defenders automatically flee the battle, but the other attackers are still in it!

If a checkpoint is not taken, likely following Reset Night, it is a first-come-first-serve deal. The first party to make a topic on the checkpoint declaring their taking of the point will receive the point. These claiming topics will become battle topics once another party posts, and begins to lead a charge.

If you have any questions, contact the administration via private message, and we will be happy to help you.
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Our Battle System and How to Capture Checkpoints
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