Tucked on the northern continent of Mnemosyne, the small country of Dunrowe sits, a port nation that sits as the only English speaking nation on the planet Kepler.
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The prime minister is being elected on Saturday, March 10, and you know what that means! It's Reset Night! All checkpoints will be anyone's game on Saturday, 5pm EST. Make sure to be there and help your party!
Uncertain on where to post first? Check into your Party's lounge and introduce yourself to your fellow members! Talk about the fantastic opportunity to represent your Party with honor! Making friends is key to patrolling together with tact and skill!
Use Pounds (£) to buy a variety of things from the Shop, from new characters to weapons to vacations. Do you have a suggestion on what can be added to the Shop? Let us know in 'Comments and Suggestions'!

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 The Bank of Victoria

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PostSubject: The Bank of Victoria   Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:31 am

This is the balance of the Bank of Victoria. It shows all the money that has been spent on purchases in the site. Each 10,000 pounds earned will trigger a plot in the site, a goal that will be announced upon being met. Plots are 100% suggested by and voted on by members. If one is not suggested, staff will create multiple options to be voted on.

0£ raised in total
10,000£ left until next plot
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The Bank of Victoria
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