Tucked on the northern continent of Mnemosyne, the small country of Dunrowe sits, a port nation that sits as the only English speaking nation on the planet Kepler.
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Welcome to the site!
The prime minister is being elected on Saturday, March 10, and you know what that means! It's Reset Night! All checkpoints will be anyone's game on Saturday, 5pm EST. Make sure to be there and help your party!
Uncertain on where to post first? Check into your Party's lounge and introduce yourself to your fellow members! Talk about the fantastic opportunity to represent your Party with honor! Making friends is key to patrolling together with tact and skill!
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 The Rules of Victoria

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PostSubject: The Rules of Victoria   Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:45 pm


Section 1, General Conduct

  1. The word of administration is law. Our administration is level-headed and fair, and generally will not do things without meaning. If administration decides on something, such as a late rule or lore addition or that something you've done is not right, it is law, and must be taken as such.
  2. This is known as the 'don't be a little bitch' rule. What this is is a game, something entertaining for people to have fun with. Long, arduous whinefests over totally legal happenings will not be tolerated. Chill, fam.
  3. We at Victoria are perfectly fine with the occasional venom or distasteful spat. However, we do not tolerate frequent poor behavior towards others, such as incitement of violence or bullying. You can banter and kid and have bad days, but when it is the centerpiece of your character, we will take notice.  
  4. If you are reading this, you are doing something right. Failure to read the rules is in and of itself a breach of the rules, in particular this rule. Pleading ignorance will not absolve you from a warning; you will be directed here if the administration sees you demonstrating some sort of disillusion regarding the rules, and you are expected to read.
  5. Spam is not permitted outside of the Chatterbox. If you post for the sake of raising your post count or causing annoyance, including lazy one-liners and frequent posts that add nothing to the thread's subject matter, you will be warned and possibly banned.
  6. Double-posting, or posting a message and replying to the same thread without a post from someone else in between, is prohibited, and the subsequent post will be subject for deletion.
  7. Making and/or using two or more accounts, especially after a ban, is forbidden. Post-ban abuse of this rule can possibly result in a perma-ban for the offending member, and punishment for whomever may know of the account(s).

Section 2, Roleplaying Rules

  1. Roleplayers are limited to two free characters, after which they need to buy more slots from the Store board. Infinite characters are allowed so long as they are paid for.
  2. Characters are the property of their creators, unless the character is given to another person through administrative approval. Characters must not be tampered with in any way that effects the furthering of topic in which they are being effected, without the consent of the creator of said character. This includes killing a character, making the character move, or reacting for a character. Making an item interact with a character, however, such as an acorn falling on one's head, is allowed.
  3. Forfeiture of Section 2, Subtext b is a privilege only allowed to the staff, or anyone given the privilege of roleplaying a character amongst the higher ranks of a party. Forfeiture may only be employed if the character disobeys the rules laid out in the Character Template regarding conduct in the world around them. In response to the breakage of these rules, the character is allowed to be killed without consent of the roleplayer; however, in cases such as these, the roleplayer is allowed to consent to breaking these rules for the sake of plot development, and if the right staff or privileged members are talked to regarding the plot points, certain circumstances can be negotiated to have the character "chased while in hiding" rather than immediately killed, or something to that effect.
  4. Victoria gives full creative and literary liberties to roleplayers so long as they conduct themselves with taste and respect to the site and their fellow roleplayers. Vulgar language is acceptable so long as it isn't exorbitantly and obscenely displayed with no explanation as to why. Sexual roleplay is acceptable so long as it is not tasteless or extremely graphic, and so long as it does not occupy a large sum of a roleplayer's time and effort on the site.
  5. Miscellaneous world building is allowed, but do not make severe details about Kepler or Dunrowe or Victoria without suggesting them to the administration. E.g. a bookshelf in the library can be made to discuss mining in Mnemosyne, but a roleplayer does not have the freedom to fabricate an ongoing war in Avenoge without discussing it with staff.
  6. Regarding the age of introduced characters, there is freedom. All characters must be between the ages of 14 and 17, these ages included, and a character may be created at any one of these ages. If a character is created past the age of 14, they must be acclimated to the environment they are accepted in to some extent. For example, a 16 year old has been on the Task Force of their party for two years, and must show that in their mannerisms and experiences. Staff suggests that characters be made at 14, to avoid extra difficulties in posting. These characters do not have to have recently celebrated a birthday, as lotteries are conducted on a whim and often months later, and some lotteries, such as the one directly before Reset Night, induct dozens of 14-year-olds at once.
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The Rules of Victoria
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